Due Diligence Reports
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Europe CIS Asia Americas Africa Oceania
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Expand the geography of your business

Analyze comprehensive reports on European companies; check the reliability of potential partners.

Find partners in the CIS

Reports make it easier to analyze companies and mitigate risk

Find business partners in the East

Use reports to access company details, registration information, and affiliated company information.

Due Diligence of the
New World companies

Check company's reliability and financial stability using due diligence reports.

Build business relationships with
partners from Africa

Detailed information about company's activity, its executives, shareholders and financials.

Explore the possibilities in Australia
and Oceania

Conduct due diligence checks and study local or international competitors.

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Details of companies, registered anywhere in the world

Reliable sources

Company details are collected from official sources, i.e. state registers and government agencies of corresponding countries.

Up-to-date information

Company reports are created through direct calls to information sources. We do not store out-of-date information, therefore we can guarantee the relevance and reliability of information we provide.


Details of companies from 168 countries

You can get quick access to detailed company reports regardless of the company registration location.

million companies
within easy reach
countries from
around the world
billion reports
in the daily updated database
Are you an international business?

Use due diligence reports to mitigate risk by checking your partners abroad. Make sure they are trustworthy and safe to cooperate with.

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Company Report

Registration details (full name, country of registration, address, status, company details), contact details, primary activity.


Annual Report

Company information prepared for the shareholders. In addition to registration details, the report contains information on company executives, shareholders and their share.


Credit Report

Provided by a credit agency. The report contains information about the potential borrower's credit history, its financial solvency, outstanding credit, bills of sale, etc.



The report contains information about employee positions and appointment details.